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Circular Economy
#Threat of plastic pollution
Due to its convenience, the tones of plastic that is produced
in the world have been recycled and incinerated.
Most of them thrown out in nature and buried in the ground,
it may pose a significant threat to the environment.
Eventually that microplastic flows throughout the sea which can
be harmful to our ocean and aquatic life.
# crisis that plastic
affects carbon emission
Unfortunately, plastic is much more difficult to dispose but the carbon
emissions from plastic is fast becoming a widely recognised problem.
The plastic results in carbon emissions at every stage of its disposal,
the carbon emissions from the plastic threaten the global environment.
#Plastic circular economy
A circular economy is therefore an economic system which was designed to
'production-waste-disposal' for linear economy. It also has been
resulted in widespread, persistent plastics pollution.
For a true circular economy, we must redefine 'production-waste-recycle'.
It's true that plastic pollution is a huge problem,
need to constantly thinking beyond the immediate problem.
Under 'Recycle, Refill, Reduce' mission, we will continue to lead
towards sustainability in packaging.
Addtionally, it is actively participating in the efforts to overcome
the climate crisis through many activities for carbon emission reduction.