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Human Resources Recruitment
Human Resources Recruitment
Human Resource Policies
Human Resource Policies
Yeonwoo's talent development is open to all employees who want to learn.
Training for new employees
Various training programs including OJT are provided so that new and experienced employees can quickly adapt to Yeonwoo and adapt to the organization.
by class
Hierarchy-specific education
We provide motivation through education based on yearly education for promotions and positions, and provide education to secure the minimum organizational competency for each level.
Key talent
Challenging talent
We are providing training to develop essential leadership and business management skills for key talents such as managers and next-generation leaders.
In-house/external professional training
E-learning job training
We support training expenses through external professional organizations so that you can receive timely and professional job training required in a rapidly changing era.

At least one job-related training is required every year, and a regular learning training system is established and operated every month.
Ready to Market
Education for nurturing excellent talent
The company pays 50% of the cost of domestic university master's/doctoral programs to secure and manage excellent internal talent.
Welfare Benefit
Retirement pay
Retirement pension DB type (defined benefit type) operation
Leave provision
Legal leave, annual leave, maternity leave, summer leave, etc.
Operation of a daycare center at work
Operation of a daycare facility in Gajwa-dong that will be responsible for raising young children
In-house cafeteria
free lunch and dinner for night shift
Support for congratulations and condolences
Support for vacation and congratulations and congratulations expenses in case of employee congratulations or condolences
Congratulatory money for children's school entrance
임직원 자녀의 초등 ∙ 대학교
입학시 축하금 지급
Long-term employee rewards
Refresh leave and reward pay Support for overseas travel for long-term employees
Gift payment
Gifts on Holidays, founding days, Labor Day
Pickled cabbage support
Kim Jang-cheol pickled cabbage support for married and dual-income couples
Provide dormitory for remote employees
Various reward systems
Selecting and rewarding excellent employees
Expense support for in-house clubs
Actively operating bowling futsal, basketball, badminton, and golf clubs
Operating human resources development institute
Human Resources and Weekend Farm Operation
Implementation of education system
Various education support to improve employee competency, such as E-Learning
Offer push present
Provide push present once spouse gave birth
Supporting financial aid
Support financial aid for attending
graduate school to work-related tasks.
Commuter bus service
commuter bus service available within Incheon area
Medical check-up
get medical check-ups on a yearly basis, age above 45 years old get more in-depth tests.