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Ethical Management
Ethical Management
Ethical Management
Ethical Management
Ⅰ. responsibilities and
obligations to customers
Yonwoo., Co. Ltd. always respects
customers' opinions and constantly
creates values that help customers.
Respect for customers
  • We listen to the customer's opinion and think that the customer's needs are always right.
  • We make customer satisfaction the top priority in all judgments and actions.
Provide true information
  • Do not spread false information or provide false information to customers.
  • Do not hide what customers need to know.
  • Do not slander or make baseless comparisons with competitors' products.
Customer service
  • Must keep your promises with customers.
  • If there is a request for after-sales service, a legitimate exchange request, or a return request from the customer, it must be responded promptly.
Providing value to customers
  • Always provide the best products and services through continuous technology development and quality improvement.
Protecting the interests of customers
  • Protect the customer's property as if it were mine and do not use it arbitrarily.
  • If we have obtained customer-related information, we do not use or disclose it without permission.
  • Do not engage in immoral acts that harm the interests of customers.
Ⅱ. Basic Ethics of Employees
Violation of the company's ethical standards
by executives and employees can be grounds
for disciplinary action, including dismissal
or filing a complaint with the court.
Prohibition of unfair acts using positions and duties.
  • Do not receive promises from or demand to be hired after retirement from stakeholders in the course of their employment.
  • Do not enter into personal business contracts with stakeholders in the course of our duties or engage in transactions such as asset leasing or monetary loan.
Honest and Fair Reporting
  • Contrary to the facts, it does not mislead the decision-making of higher-ranking parties and related departments by manipulating documents and coefficients or falsely reporting them.
Maintaining dignity
  • Do not engage in immoral or unethical acts that can undermine the company's reputation.
  • Do not engage in acts that promote distrust within the organization, such as the creation or dissemination of rumors, or undermine the sound organizational atmosphere.
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest with the Company
  • Do not directly operate or invest in an external company that may have a conflict of interest with the company.
  • Do not provide advice or advice that conflicts with the company's competitors or subcontractors.
Compliance with laws and internal regulations
  • Refrain from verbal, mental, and physical sexual harassment that may cause co-workers to feel sexual shame (Sexual Harassment Prevention Method at Work)
  • Using the superiority of relationships in the workplace, it is necessary not to cause physical and mental pain or worsen the working environment to other workers beyond the appropriate scope of work (Prohibition of workplace harassment)
  • In order to protect individual freedom and rights and realize dignity and value, personal information acquired in business shall be used in compliance with the procedures for using relevant laws and regulations. (Personal Information Protection Act)
  • Do not discriminate against people with disabilities so that they can participate in society fairly and realize the right to equality through improved awareness of the disabled. (Act on the Prevention of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities)
  • We comply with internal regulations and norms for the growth of the company, the pursuit of employee happiness, and the creation of a healthy working life (Internal regulations)
  • Efforts should be made to ensure that the human rights of the socially disadvantaged are respected through the prohibition of children and forced labor (International Labor Organization Agreement on the Prohibition of Child Labor Exploitation)
Self development
  • Executives and employees strive for self-development so that they can become desirable human resources in the era of globalization.
  • Strive to be the best expert in your assigned job.
Ⅲ. Fair competition (competitor)
Yonwoo., Co. Ltd. complies with related laws
and regulations in all regions of the world.
Acquisition and use of legitimate information
  • Do not acquire competitor's information or trade secrets in an unfair way.
  • Even legitimately obtained competitor information is not unfairly leaked to the outside.
Securing a Fair Competitive Advantage
  • Do not steal or infringe on tangible and intangible assets in all fields owned by competitors.
  • Do not slander competitors through advertisements, etc.
No collusion
  • Do not collide with competitors on sales prices, sales conditions and regional distribution.
  • Do not form or join an unfair consultative body or collusion organization with the same customers.
Respect for laws and customs
  • All business activities at home and abroad shall comply with all laws and regulations of the country concerned and respect trade customs.
  • We comply with the International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Convention on the Prevention of Bribery in International Transactions and domestic laws on the Prevention of Bribery in International Transactions.
Ⅳ. Fair trade (partner)
All transactions must ensure equal opportunities for participation and pursue joint development
by establishing mutual trust and cooperative relationships through transparent transactions.
Selection of business partners through fair procedures
  • All regulations and systems on customer selection procedures shall be established and implemented so that customers can be selected and registered according to fair evaluation criteria.
Fair trade and evaluation
  • The fairly evaluated transaction results are notified to the customer and reflected in the following transactions.
  • Sound opinions presented to improve transactions are appropriately reflected in the work.
  • When using the customer's technology or other assets, be sure to obtain the customer's approval.
  • If the company clearly makes a mistake and the customer suffers damage, it is compensated fairly.
  • We do not engage in unfair practices prohibited by fair trade laws.
Maintaining a Clean Transaction Order
  • Do not receive or request economic benefits such as money, services, entertainment, and other conveniences from business partners.
  • In relation to transactions, external pressure shall not be exercised by using solicitation or business status due to special relations such as blood ties, delays, or school ties.
  • By using the information and technology of the partner company learned in the transaction process without explicit prior approval, it does not interfere with the business activities of the partner company.
Supplier support
  • For practical nurturing of business partners, guidelines for nurturing business partners should be established and followed.
  • The above guidelines should specify the qualifications, rights, and obligations of subcontractors, and include operating standards for practical fostering such as technical support and management guidance.
Ⅴ. Responsibilities of the Employees
Yonwoo Co., Ltd. respects all executives and employees as personalities and treats
them fairly according to their abilities and achievements.
Human resource development
  • Establish, support, and revitalize the necessary systems to nurture employees into autonomous and creative talents.
  • With the will to nurture subordinates into challenging and strong talents, the superior does not spare necessary advice and guidance in consideration of the aptitudes and talents of subordinates.
Treatment based on ability and achievement
  • We provide equal opportunities for employees to improve their abilities, and do not discriminate based on educational background, gender, age, or region of origin.
  • We create a fair competition climate by establishing, disclosing, and strictly observing clear evaluation criteria for abilities and achievements.
Ensuring a sound expression of intention.
  • Establish a necessary system and create an atmosphere so that executives and employees can freely propose and suggest and display difficulties.
Responsibility for health and safety
  • We take necessary measures for the health and safety of our employees.
  • Take necessary safety measures in the case of workplaces with dangerous and harmful substances.
VI. Responsibility to
the State and Society
Yeonwoo Co., Ltd. contributes to
the affluent life of the people and social development by growing into a sound company through rational business development.
Prohibition of immoral and anti-social business activities
  • Do not engage in acts that harm the national economy, such as smuggling or real estate speculation, or create a sense of incongruity in the public sentiment.
Contribution to national and social development
  • Provide equal employment opportunities to all without discrimination based on academic background, gender, or region of origin.
  • Taxes should be reported and paid faithfully.
  • Accept the legitimate needs of all walks of life and local residents and do our best to solve them.
  • Ensure and encourage the healthy participation of employees in social service activities.
Protection of shareholder interests
  • Respect shareholders' right to know and fair requests, suggestions, and official decisions.
  • Do not trade stocks using internal or other company information acquired on the job.
  • To protect the interests of major shareholders, do not unilaterally infringe on the interests of minority shareholders.
Protection of the environment
  • Business activities that violate environmental protection are prohibited, and investments must be made to prevent pollution and pollution.
  • For environmental preservation, we actively carry out environmental protection activities and comply with all laws and regulations related to environmental protection.
Code of Ethics Practice
Yonwoo., Co. Ltd. always respects
customers' opinions and constantly
creates values that help customers.
  • Must not solicit or receive money or valuables from stakeholders for any purpose.
  • However, promotions and promotional event souvenirs containing the company logo can be accepted within normal limits.
Report subject
contents examples standards
Bribery cash, check, gift certificate, securities, ticket, gift prohibited
Expenditure for congratulations and condolences
  • Must not actively inform stakeholders of the congratulations and condolences of yourself or its executives and employees.
  • Executives and/or employees who have received a congratulatory or congratulatory fee exceeding the normal level will take action according to the reporting procedure.
Report subject
contents examples standards
Congratulatory and congratulations and condolences exceeding the normal level within 50,000 won not recommended
garlands, flowerpots congratulations, e-mail exceeding the normal level not recommended
Entertainment / Hospitality
  • No entertainment or hospitality of any kind is permitted.
  • Employees who inevitably received entertainment / hospitality take action according to the reporting procedure.
Report subject
contents examples standards
Eating and drinking exceeding KRW 30,000 per person prohibited
entertainment casinos, gambling prohibited
rest facilities steam baths, massage parlors, high-end barbershops prohibited
sports skiing, golf prohibited
  • Conveniences such as transportation and lodging facilities for which stakeholders are financially burdened shall not be provided. However, convenience provided to all attendees at an event organized by stakeholders is excluded.
  • Employees who are inevitably provided with convenience will take action according to the reporting procedure.
Report subject
contents examples standards
In case business trip support accommodation, transportation, etc. are provided prohibited
field trip support domestic and foreign exhibitions, fairs prohibited
vacation support accommodation for personal vacation, transportation prohibited
Business support sponsorship during events (such as providing beverages) prohibited
Money transaction
  • Must not engage in monetary transactions with interested parties, such as loan, loan guarantee, real estate lease, joint investment, agency repayment, guarantee receipt, and low-price purchase.
  • Executives and employees who inevitably conduct monetary transactions will take action according to the reporting procedure.
Report subject
contents examples standards
Common investmen movable property, real estate, goodwill, membership right prohibited
agency repayment credit card price, loan amount, credit card payment prohibited
guarantee receipt loan guarantee receipt prohibited
Borrowing borrowing money,
leasing assets
receiving collatera buying at a low price,
or taking actual profits
by purchasing
at a price lower than
the normal price
Future Guarantee
  • Guarantees such as education, job placement, and contract signing provided by stakeholders in relation to the cooperative company or business must not be promised.
  • Inevitably, executives and/or employees who are guaranteed future protection will take action according to the reporting procedure.
  • Present the standard for value judgment so that the actions of our employees can be consistent with the company's code of ethics.
연우는 임직원을 포함한 모든 이해관계자의 인권을 존중하며, 이를 실천하기 위해 본 인권정책을 선언한다.
연우는 UN인권위원회의 ‘세계 인권선언’ 및 ‘기업과 인권에 대한 기본 지침
(UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights), ‘국제노동기구(ILO)헌장’ 등 국제인권표준과
가이드라인을 존중하며 사업장이 위치한 모든 국가와 지역의 노동, 인권 및 근로조건 기준을 준수한다.
제 1장
제 1조 [목적]
  • 본 인권정책은 ㈜연우 전 관계사의 임직원을 비롯한 이해관계자의 인권 보호 · 증진에 관한 정책의 수립 및 시행, 기타 필요한 사항을 정함을 그 목적으로 한다.
제 2조 [적용범위]
본 인권정책은 ㈜연우 임직원 및 당사에 파견되어 직무를 수행하고 있는 자에게 적용한다.
이 정책은 모든 임직원 및 당사의 경영활동과 관련된 이해관계자, 협력사에 적용하고, 인권경영에 관하여는 다른 법령에 특별한 지침이 있는 경우를 제외하고는
본 지침이 정하는 바에 따른다.

제 3조 [정의]
  • 본 인권정책에서 사용하는 용어의 뜻은 다음 각 호와 같다.
‘인권’이란 「대한민국헌법」 및 법률에서 보장하거나 대한민국이 가입 · 비준한 국제인권조약 및 국제 관습법에서 인간으로서의 존엄과 가치 및 자유와 권리를 말한다.
‘임직원’이란 ㈜연우 전 관계사의 임원과 직원으로서, 정규직과 비정규직 등 그 근로 계약의 형태를 불문한다.
‘인권경영’이란 ㈜연우 전 관계사에 의한 인권침해 발생을 예방하고 인권 친화적인 경영활동을 수행하는 것으로서, 인권정책 선언을 하고 인권정책을 운영하며 인권침해 피해자에 대한 구제 절차를 제공하는 것을 말한다.
‘협력회사’란 거래회사 등을 말한다.
‘이해관계자’란 ㈜연우 전 관계사의 경영활동과 관련된 자로서 고객, 협력회사, 지역주민 등 ㈜연우 전 관계사와 관계를 맺고 있는 모든 법인 또는 개인을 말한다.
‘신고인’이란 인권침해를 당한 자, 또는 인권 리스크를 인지하고 있는 임직원, 기타 사람 및 단체로서, 인권침해를 인권침해 창구에 신고한 자를 말한다.
제 2장
인권정책의 운영
제 4조 [차별금지]
  • ㈜연우 전 관계사는 모든 임직원의 성별 · 인종 · 민족 · 국적 · 종교 · 장애 · 나이 · 가족구성 · 사회적 신분 및 정치적 견해 등을 이유로 모집 · 채용 · 승진 · 교육 · 임금 ·
    복리후생 등의 고용과 관련된 합리적인 이유 없는 차별을 배제하며, 임직원의 다양성을 존중하는 조직 문화를 구축한다.
제 5조 [근로조건 준수]
㈜연우 전 관계사는 사업을 영위하는 해당 국가의 법정 근로시간을 준수하며, 모든 임직원에게 근로에 대한 합당한 보수를 지급하고 급여명세서를 함께 교부한다.
㈜연우 전 관계사는 모든 임직원의 역량 개발 및 삶의 질 향상을 위해 충분한 교육기회와 직무수행에 적절한 업무환경을 제공한다.

제 6조 [인도적 대우]
  • ㈜연우 전 관계사는 모든 임직원의 사생활을 존중하고 개인정보를 철저히 보호하며, 괴롭힘 · 성희롱을 포함하여 정신적 또는 신체적으로 비인도적인 대우가 발생하지
    않도록 적극 노력한다.
제 7조 [결사 및 단체교섭의 자유 보장]
  • ㈜연우 전 관계사는 회사와 모든 근로자 간의 충분한 의사소통 기회를 제공하고, 결사의 자유를 보장하며, 노동조합 가입 및 활동 또는 결성 등을 이유로 모든 임직원에게 불이익을 주지 않는다. 또한, 본 인권정책이 적용되는 모든 국가의 노동관계법을 존중한다.
제 8조 [강제노동 금지]
  • 모든 임직원에 대해 폭행, 협박, 감금 등의 행위를 하는 등 자유의사에 반하는 근로를 강요하지 않는다. 또한, 고용을 위한 전제 조건으로 개인의 신분증, 여권 및 노동
    허가증의 양도를 요구하지 않는다.
제 9조 [아동노동 금지]
  • ㈜연우는 해당 국가의 법규에서 정한 최저 고용 연령을 준수하며, 만 18세 미만의 청소년 고용 시 안전 · 보건상 유해한 업무를 부여하지 않는다.
제 10조 [안전보건]
  • 모든 임직원에게 안전하고 청결한 근로환경을 제공하고, 작업자를 유해물질로부터 보호한다.
제 11조 [지역주민 인권보호]
  • ㈜연우 전 관계사의 모든 임직원은 업무 수행 시 지역주민의 인권이 침해되지 않도록 유의하며, 특별히 지역주민의 안전 · 보건에 대한 권리 및 거주의 자유가 침해되지
    않도록 보장한다.
제 12조 [고객 인권보호]
  • ㈜연우 전 관계사의 모든 임직원은 고객에게 제품 및 용역을 제공할 때에, 고객의 생명 · 건강 · 재산보호를 최우선 가치로 두며, 경영활동으로 수집한 개인정보의 보호를
    위해 최선의 조치를 취한다.
제 3장
인권경영 체계
제 13조 [인권경영 헌장]
  • ㈜연우 전 관계사는 모든 경영활동에서 인간의 존엄과 가치를 보장하기 위하여 인권정책을 선포하고, 임직원은 이 정책을 인권경영의 행동규범 및 가치판단 기준으로
    삼고 실천한다.
제 14조 [인권경영 교육]
  • ㈜연우 전 관계사는 임직원의 인권에 대한 이해 증진과 인식 개선을 유도하고, 인권경영 추진 방향과 목표를 전달하기 위하여 사내 인권경영 교육을 진행한다.
    위 교육을 통해 임직원 간 차별행위를 방지하고, 발견된 인권침해 사례 및 리스크 등은 적극 신고하도록 유도한다.
제 4장
인권의 구제
제 15조 [인권침해 신고· 접수]
인권침해 또는 차별행위를 당한 사람 또는 그 사실을 알고 있는 사람이나 단체는 관련 주관부서의 장에게 신고할 수 있다.
인권침해 신고 접수 시 관련 주관부서 등은 인권침해나 차별행위로 신고 받은 사건에 대하여 인권침해 여부를 판단하여 그 결과가 인권침해에 해당될 경우 구체적인 구제 방안을 논의하도록 한다.

제 16조 [인권침해 신고처리]
㈜연우 전 관계사는 인권침해 신고 처리 시, 법규 · 명령, 판례, 주관부서의 가이드라인, 회사 내부 처리 관행 등을 참고하여 주관부서의 지원을 받아 최선의 구제방안을 모색하여야 한다.
인권침해 사례 등이 피해자의 자유와 권리에 상당한 제한을 가하거나, 기업 명성 · 평판에 리스크로 전이될 가능성이 높은 경우, 최고 의사결정권자 등이 참여하는
위원회, 경영회의, 실무 회의 등에서 구제방안을 논의할 수 있다.

제 17조 [신고인의 신분보장]
  • 주관부서 및 위원회 의원 등은 신고인에 대하여 비밀을 보장하여야 하며, 신고인이 신고에 따른 불이익을 받지 않도록 필요한 조치를 취하여야 한다.
제 1조 [시행일]
  • 본 규정은 2022. 05. 03 제정되어 2022. 05. 09부터 시행한다.

인권침해 신고채널
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