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Enterprise Information
Enterprise Information
Management Philosophy
Management Philosophy
We will provide the best products that satisfy customers at reasonable prices,
and become a trusted company by customers.
Quality Management
The quality is defined by the customer,
and quality is what maximizes the customer's usefulness.
Companies exist to maximize
customer's usefulness.
Knowledge Management
By discovering the knowledge or know-how of individual members of the organization and sharing it as a universal knowledge within the organization, the problem-solving ability of the entire organization is improved.
In other words, by sharing all knowledge including intangible knowledge possessed by an organization, we increase the efficiency of business processing, improves
new product development and market responsiveness, and improves
company competitiveness.
We fulfill the universal value of love which transcends nations, races, religions, and classes.
Mission Statement
A company
that leaps forward
a company
with credibility
a company
that strives
In order to become " the most trusted packaging material company by customers ",
we have established and implemented market expansion strategies,
technology acquisition strategies, investment strategies, management innovation and employment strategies.