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YW’s Difference
We aim to first-class quality with an optimal quality system for creating customer value and
provide the best quality and service required by customers.
Yonwoo's quality management
Based on our strict quality control and optimized quality management, we improve manufacturing environment and equipment as our priority is to fulfill customer satisfaction.
We have skilled quality experts monitoring from beginning of the product development until delivery. We are capable of chasing the whole processes and fix them.
Every process such as design, prodcution, and post production is managed by Yonwoo's quality management system called YQMS. Each process inspection stage is measured by advanced equipment analyzed throughout the process.
Conducting material and finished products also moves unmanned within smart material system. They are loaded and operated as first in and first out available smart factory.
The best product is derived from superior quality.
Certification status
ISO 45001
Occupational health
& safety management
ISO 15378
Primary packaging materials
for medicinal products
ISO 14001
Environmental management system
ISO 9001
Quality management
ISO 13485
Medical devices such
as Nasal Spray
Quality management process
The entire process from the start of product development to the last shipment is registered and managed in the YQMS (Yonwoo Qualilty Management System) and an integrated process that complies with strict quality standards is systematically operated.
Quality of Design
Quality of Confomance
Quality of Market
Customer Oriented Process
Yonwoo Quality Management System YQMS
Development quality
  • · Integration of Management plan
  • · Work standard
  • · Inspection Standard Report
  • · Packing Detail
  • · Hazardous substances
  • · 4M
Stock quality
  • ·Integration of Inspection Standards
  • ·Inspection Report
  • ·Test Inspection Items
  • ·Parts History
  • ·No Inspection Master
  • ·Special concession management
  • ·Management chart
  • ·4M/ISIR
  • ·Nonconformity
The initial inerim and final products management
  • ·Initial and intermediate inspection
Outgoing quality
  • ·Integration of Inspection Items
  • ·Inspection Standards
  • ·Standard Master
  • ·Inspection Report
  • ·LOT Replacement
  • ·Customer Report
  • ·Management Chart
  • ·Nonconformity
Change quality
  • ·Integration of 4M Changes
  • ·4M (In-house / Subcontractor)
  • ·4M (Customer)
  • ·ISIR (Injection)
  • ·ISIR (Decoration)
  • ·Standard Document
Improve quality management
  • ·Process Trouble
  • ·Suitable Management
  • ·Corrective Action
  • ·Validation
  • ·Monthly Progress
Audit management
  • ·Evaluation of Subcontractor
  • ·Client Audit Management
  • ·Improvement Activity
  • ·Review performance of plan
Gauging device
  • ·Instrument master
  • ·Calibration history
  • ·Nonconforming instrument
  • ·Instrument holding status
  • ·Plan & Performance
  • ·Repair history
Customer claim
  • ·Customer claim management
  • ·Customer claim analysis
  • ·F-COST status
Subcontractor management
  • ·Current status management of Subcontractor
Subcontractor quality
  • ·Warehousing quality
  • ·Corrective action
  • ·Change management
  • ·Document management
  • ·Evaluation management
  • ·Initial and intermediate inspection
  • ·Special concession management
Analysis report
  • ·Overall Quality Status
  • ·Subcontractor's WORST case
  • ·Warehousing Quality
  • ·Process Quality
  • ·Shipment Quality
  • ·Customer Claim Status
Mold status
  • ·Mold Repair
  • ·Mold Modification
  • ·Mold Transfer
Integrate dispersed quality information and enterprise sharing:
Quality skill / Sharing know how, Improving record, Prevention of reoccurrence.
Speeding up quality improvement process
Bring up quality issues & Improvement process can be done in real time until sub-contractor's prepare countermeasure.
Cope up with limitation of manual processing quality management
quality status, analysis/ come up with prompt solutions by sharing quality improvent case.
Quality improvement feedback and process monitoring (visualization)
Bring up quality issues > classification > improvement > check each verification stage in real time, production, Feedback for filed improvement
Offer quality status and indicator in real time
Offer quality index and improvement in real time.
Advanced product quality planning by validating improvement activities and intensify standard application
Registered instruments
41 species / 531 units.
Main instrument
image measuring machine (automatic) 3 units / 3D coordinate measuing machine 3 units / automatic torque meter 2 units / UTM 2 units / optical microscope 1 unit