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YW’s Difference
YW’s Difference
Why Airless?
Why Airless?
Yonwoo is known for advanced technology and developed airless pump for the first time
in South Korea.
pump can be used for not only cosmetic field but also medicine, living goods, and so on.
(As of 2021)
PUMP 1,249,583,962 ea
TUBE 76,017,879 ea
BOTTLE 149,416,176 ea
Blocking the inflow of air
Minimize the amount of residue
A constant dosage rate
Airless Strength
prevent from formula contamination and stronger formula protection available due to
inflow of exterior air.
Efficient usage possible due to less amount of waste compare to existing sprayer system.
Consistent and pumping exact amount of dosage is possible from beginning until the end.
Prevent skin irritation due to using no or less amount of chemical preservatives.
Prevent sensitive products (without preservative) from getting exposed to the air. They can increase product shelf life up to 15%.
Easy to pump even high viscosity
Pumping available from 360°
100% safe from leakage.